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Rose and February

I am in love with Marion Cotillard. I know this now. My favorite wine movie is A Good Year. I found myself watching Midnight in Paris every time I saw it was on. A movie I have always enjoyed was a fun movie that makes me wonder if it is true that when your ...


Christmas 2012

I am a little behind due to the Holidays. Forgive me. Then again some of you may have found fewer blogs a blessing. I will try to catch up now. I was telling a friend the other day that it seems to me that everyone and their grandmother are coming out with a ...


The Dessert Competition

One of my neighbors decided to have a dessert competition. I have one sure winner recipe. It is one of those gooey chocolate caramel things. I have never lost a dessert competition. If you ask I will email you the recipe. It was right in the middle of grape ...



Thanksgiving was fun, especially when my brother, after removing the foil from the turkey, let all the melted fat and juice (the makings for gravy) spill on to my wood floor. First to step into the oil was my friend Russ who performed a perfect James Brown ...